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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) unit was established in Temeke Reginal Referral Hospital

in December 2016 under the Surgical department for the purposes of increasing access of ENT services to clients with with ear, nose and throat conditions including patients with head and neck masses

  • The unit is composed of two main categories of services offered to clients:
  • Outpatient clinics including Minor procedures with or without anesthesia
  • Inpatient wards for surgical patients, where services are shared with general surgery & pediatric departments

The unit is headed by Specialist surgeon Dr. Walter Charles. Generally, the unit has qualified service providers which are:

  • ENT surgeons                                  - 2
  • Nursing Officers                              - 2 (these are shared with other departments)

Daily Functions of ENT included:

  • Conducting outpatient clinics daily except on weekends & public holidays
  • Review patients with ENT problems in the wards and emergency department when consulted
  • Doing ward rounds when we have patients in the ward e.g. post-operative patients
  • Performing surgery and minor procedures
  • Teaching students who conduct clinical rotations at our hospital

  • In the unit, duties are divided into:
  • We conduct outpatient clinic together except on Thursdays where one may be in theatre while another one running the clinic
  • If students are available, one among us teach the students while another continue with clinic
  • On average, ENT unit serves a range from 15 to 20 clients per day making a total of 300 to 400 clients per month

The core values of the unit is to provide quality and standard ENT services

In future it is expected have ENT department with sub units of audiology and speech therapy units