Department and Sections/Units of the Hospital 

Technical Departments

1.1 Clinical Services Department.  Sections/units under this department are:

Outpatient Services (OPD)

Emergency Medicine Services

Internal Medicine Services

Mental Health Services

1.2 Surgical Services Department has the following sections/units:

General surgery services

Orthopedics and Trauma services

Urology Services

Theatre, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit Services

1.3 Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. The sections/units are:

Antenatal Care, Labor & Delivery services

Reproductive system diseases

Cervical Cancer and Reproductive system diseases

1.4 Pediatric and Child Health Department. Sections/units are:

Neonatology/neonates services

Pediatric and Child health services

1.5 Surgical Specialties Services Department, with the following sections/units

Ophthalmology services

Oral Health Services

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Services

1.6 Nursing and Midwifery Department, which has sections/units:

Nursing Services

Midwifery Services

Social Welfare Services

Nutrition Services

2.0 Supportive Services Departments

2.1 Pharmaceuticals, Medicines and Medical Commodities Department, with 2 units/sections of:

Pharmacy store services

Dispensing services

2.2 Laboratory  and Pathology  Department, has units/sections of:

Laboratory Services

Pathology Services

2.3 Radiology and Imaging Department that has the following units/sections:

Radiology Services

Image (Ultrasound) Services


3.0 Administration, Planning & Human Resources 

3.1 Management, Planning & Budget Department, with the following recommended units

Clinical Audits, Quality Assurance and Customer Care

Environment health and Sanitation and Health Promotion

Medical Engineering, Infrastructure and Transport

Health Management Information System and Research

3.2 Human Resources Management Department with the following units/sections;

Administration and Human Resources

Training & Continuous Professional Development.

4.0 Independent units  included:

Finance and Accounts

Procurement and Supplies

Internal Audit

ICT and Information Communication

Quality Improvement